We are now bigger with additional people and bigger space for our company. It was almost two years since I had been employed in that company. Back then we are only eight with four translators in three different foreign languages and four analyst. Now we are twenty analyzing financial   statements coming from almost thirty countries in six foreign languages. Some addition to our team were translators that are online tutors in foreign language and some came from the business industry and were all young.
It is good to know that the company is expanding and continuing its operation. Being in a BPO industry, job security is not attainable but I am hopeful it would be. In my almost two years in the company I could say, I had been there during its lowest and highest point. I was there when the former company was closed and a new company was formed. I thought we are in the brink of losing our job back then. I was also there during its most productive time. We had also been visited twice by our foreign clients and it was fun to have them around. 
As an employee, there was also a time when I want to resign due to tiredness and stress but was not able to do so. I could not walk away from my job because of some bills and payments that needs to be settled by my salary. I still need this job and its high pay. Maybe as an employee there were really times that you may feel tired with your job and the first thing that comes to our mind is resignation but of course it is a big decision that must be think over for several times. Right now resignation is not even an option for me but I am happy that we are now back to normal and I already set my mind to think positively with regards to my job. Hopefully with new people  added, it will lighten our job and be motivated to do my best with my job.


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