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Yellow Friday

It's Friday and it is the day DavaoƱeos show their strong support to the presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino. While on my way to work, all the passengers in the tricycle wears yellow. Some people in the streets waiting for their ride wears yellow and some public and private vehicles has yellow ribbon sticker. Davao really is a yellow country. Before, I wear yellow every friday as part of company policy, but now it is more meaningful because it is one way to show my support for Noynoy Aquino. Hope he will win the 2010 Philippine election. Good luck and More Power to him. Ituloy ang Laban!


The internet cafe next to out house shuts down. It was all because of the electricity disconnection. The owner of the house and the business was in Australia. They left the business to their relatives and they let them handle the operations of the business. Few days ago, their electricity had been disconnected because two months bill had not been paid. Maybe the owner got angry because of the mismanagement of the business that he finally decided to shut down the business. I am somehow a little sad by this because it is the nearest internet cafe in the subdivision. This was also the first internet cafe in our block. It is so disappointing seeing good businesses shutting down. Well, business is a gamble that if you are not lucky enough you must know when to stop.


As part of the daily physical activities of my mother, she would sweep the dry leaves and other litters in our front yard as a morning exercise. She caught my attention while I am busy preparing myself for work. She got mad at something. When I am able to know the whole story, I am disgusted. There is a human manure in the front canal of our house. It was a dry canal and someone literally “popo” in there. It is so disgusting and a little bit funny. Three scenarios came out of my mind. First, maybe a customer of the internet cafe of our neighbor can’t find a CR that our front canal had been the target. Second, maybe someone wanted to annoy us that he/she came with this idea. Lastly, a passerby wanted to pee and there it goes. Funny it seems but it is a proof that human nature is very much unpredictable. :)


My boss had been away from the main office today. I am somehow relieved because it would mean lesser work load for today. But because of Skype, emails and cell phones we are still connected. He could still send a message or call me of the things he want to ask or wants me to do. Even if distance separates us, I could still not go away from the fact that he is my boss and I am his subordinate who is obliged to do what he asks. This is all what advancement in communications brought to us that no matter where we are, we are all connected.

Motorcade Experience

My friends and I attended the motorcade of presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino and the rest of the Liberal Party.We started these event at 11AM for an assembly wherein we put banners and other paraphernalia to the vehicles to have it ready for the motorcade. After one hour of preparation all our company vehicles headed at the airport to wait for the candidates.After three hours of waiting with an empty stomach, finally the motorcade started.All our tiredness and anxiety vanished with the warm welcome of the people who waited for the motorcade. Being in the front liners of motorcade, I could see the chanting, excitement and happiness of the people who waited at the streets.They were all eager to see all the candidates. The motorcade last for three hours that at 6PM the rally begins.It was my first time to attend a big election rally.I don't usually go to rallies for security reasons but at this rally I put away all my hesitations and together with my friends we pushed our way in th

Teacher's Life

Teachers are the ones who impart their knowledge to us of the things we ought to know. They are our second mothers at school. They had been with us since the nursery school up to college and even up to post graduate schools. They are the ones who equipped us with enough information in order for us to have a better job and a bright future. What we achieve right now, we forever owe it to them. Few days ago,my family and I attended the retirement party of my mother. My mother together with the three other retirees where given a party by their colleagues in the department.It was a simple yet a memorable occasion. It somehow gave me a glimpse of a teacher's life. With the different speeches given in the event, I was able to know the hardships, sacrifices and a lot of experiences of being a government teacher. To be able to gain a position in a government school, the starting point would be as a substitute teacher. I can't imagine that my mother had endured nine substitution, which i