Motorcade Experience

My friends and I attended the motorcade of presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino and the rest of the Liberal Party.We started these event at 11AM for an assembly wherein we put banners and other paraphernalia to the vehicles to have it ready for the motorcade. After one hour of preparation all our company vehicles headed at the airport to wait for the candidates.After three hours of waiting with an empty stomach, finally the motorcade started.All our tiredness and anxiety vanished with the warm welcome of the people who waited for the motorcade. Being in the front liners of motorcade, I could see the chanting, excitement and happiness of the people who waited at the streets.They were all eager to see all the candidates. The motorcade last for three hours that at 6PM the rally begins.It was my first time to attend a big election rally.I don't usually go to rallies for security reasons but at this rally I put away all my hesitations and together with my friends we pushed our way in the crowded place just to have a nice view with all the candidates.Even though how tiresome it had been, I had a great time.For me, it is an unforgettable experience worth remembering.



Benny said...

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