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WiFi Connection

         It has been a while since I was able to have my WiFi connection in my boarding house. My husband and I had been using prepaid broadband connection for a long time which is expensive and the internet connection is so slow. Applying for a postpaid broadband connection is also too expensive and would not be practical since I don't have so much time to use it everyday. Luckily, in one of the conversation of my husband with my landlady, she told my husband that our neighboring apartment is willing to share their WiFi connection for an affordable amount. My husband immediately grab the offer. It was so affordable and very worth it. With the WiFi connection, I could connect online my laptop, my husband's niece net book, my iPod touch and my phone. Though I am connecting to the internet a lot of gadgets,I am using it one at a time and only in the evening since I am at the office during daytime. It is an assurance that I am not abusing or I am only using a fair share of the Wi

8% Increase

        God is really so good. Few days ago, I received a memo that I have an 8% increase adjustment in my salary. Aside from that I already passed my probationary status and I am now a regular employee. This is really a blessing. I never expected that the company would give this adjustment in a short span of time. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Blessed Family Sunday

         I had a blessed family day last Sunday . It was my first time to attend Sunday service at Tigatto church where my husband's uncle is the pastor. It was also a special Sunday because it was devoted  for families. A couple of families give testimonies and others dedicated a couple of songs to the Lord. I was touched, inspired and amazed by the different stories of each families. It was amazing to see in the children the combination of  the physical attributes of their parents. It was perfectly match and wonderfully combined. It is also very inspiring to see families attending Sunday Service. I really had a great time. Thank you Lord for that blessed family Sunday.