WiFi Connection

         It has been a while since I was able to have my WiFi connection in my boarding house. My husband and I had been using prepaid broadband connection for a long time which is expensive and the internet connection is so slow. Applying for a postpaid broadband connection is also too expensive and would not be practical since I don't have so much time to use it everyday. Luckily, in one of the conversation of my husband with my landlady, she told my husband that our neighboring apartment is willing to share their WiFi connection for an affordable amount. My husband immediately grab the offer. It was so affordable and very worth it. With the WiFi connection, I could connect online my laptop, my husband's niece net book, my iPod touch and my phone. Though I am connecting to the internet a lot of gadgets,I am using it one at a time and only in the evening since I am at the office during daytime. It is an assurance that I am not abusing or I am only using a fair share of the WiFi connection. 
          With the WiFi connection I could Watch Movies Online in the laptop or in the iPod with a minimal buffer   in downloading the movies. Unlike using prepaid broadband connection, you would not enjoy watching movies online because of the couple of minutes of waiting just for the movies to be downloaded. I already watched a couple of movies online since I had a WiFi connection. YouTube videos is also enjoyable to watch with the fast internet connection. Social networking sites is also always visited because I have now a stable connection and most important thing I could always access my blogs with this new connection. Having a fast WiFi connection is really entertaining and let you stay connected online. 


mikexplorer said…
The Almighty has his own purposes.
tablet pc said…
To make setup easy, choose a network adapter made by the same vendor that made your wireless router.

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