Teacher's Life

Teachers are the ones who impart their knowledge to us of the things we ought to know. They are our second mothers at school. They had been with us since the nursery school up to college and even up to post graduate schools. They are the ones who equipped us with enough information in order for us to have a better job and a bright future. What we achieve right now, we forever owe it to them.

Few days ago,my family and I attended the retirement party of my mother. My mother together with the three other retirees where given a party by their colleagues in the department.It was a simple yet a memorable occasion. It somehow gave me a glimpse of a teacher's life.

With the different speeches given in the event, I was able to know the hardships, sacrifices and a lot of experiences of being a government teacher. To be able to gain a position in a government school, the starting point would be as a substitute teacher. I can't imagine that my mother had endured nine substitution, which is equivalent to nine long years of teaching before she gained her regular status. After gaining a regular status, a government teacher will first be assigned to the remote areas. My mother was first assigned to a Muslim area 4-5 kilometers from our town for ten years.The people there was very friendly and approachable.The problems only of being assigned to these areas are that sometimes the road is not accessible caused by heavy rain that would mean kilometers of walk in going to school,problems might also arise with the pupils' parents because of cultural indifference and teacher's life might be at stake because some areas are nearer to the rebel's camp.Despite of these,our government teachers neglect these things because of their perseverance to educate the children in these areas.I gave my high salute and gratitude to these teachers who tirelessly impart their knowledge to their pupils despite all the circumstances.Keep it up New Heroes of today!


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