No Grade Yet

     I was a bit worried about my academic writing subject. The second semester already started yet I still do not have a grade in this subject. I was not enrolled this semester because I already finished the subjects offered for this semester. We write up a request for opening of some subjects but it was not granted. The graduate school is strict in following the  subject offered per curriculum. Since I was not enrolled I am hoping that I would not neglect to follow up my grades in academic writing. I learned a lot from that subject but it is still not enough inorder for me reach the point of being capable to provide essay writing service. Thus I do not have high hopes in getting a high mark in this subject but I do not want to have an NG (no grade) mark in my report card. Having an NG would need some follow up on the instructor as well as some documents to be passed to be able to have a grade. I do not want to disturb my instructor on this matter but if there is still no grade after a month or so I must follow up her on this.  


Anonymous said…
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