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          Few days ago my friend invited me to watch an air supply concert. I said yes but only to find out that there were no tickets left. I was so eager to watch concert of foreign artists for I have not experience that before. Foreign artists rarely come to our place and watching them live would be so memorable. The latest foreign artist that went to Philippines is Jennifer Lopez. I think J.Lo started to conduct concerts for latin shows . She handled her career well that even up to now she is very popular and could still be included in concerts for new age events . As much as I want to watch J.Lo perform live, I was not able to do so because it was too far from my place and the tickets are so expensive or there would be no more tickets left for me as well as a lot of Filipinos like me would be very excited to see J.Lo perform live. Hope in the coming days or months there would still be a lot of concerts and other tickets that would be cheaper and readily available as well. has latin tickets as well as new age shows and all other concert and entertainment performances.


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