New Dresses

     I was so happy for the new dresses I received from my sister-in-law. Though it was not given for free but the dresses had been bought for a very cheap price and I immediately reimburse my sister-in-law for the equivalent amount for it. I was able to have new blouses, cardigan and one whole dress. I immediately fit them all and all of it was exactly at my body size. I really like the whole dress and the cardigan for it. The only problem I have for this dress is that when I fitted it, my bulging stomach is not so pleasing in the eyes. It was really bulging in the dress. 
     I really wanted to use that dress that I am so determined to be physically fit and loss that bulging stored fat in my stomach. I hope the 90 day workout will work as well as an effective diet. Also, more and more people are already noticing that I get fat and it is not good anymore. More people are advising me to reduce weight to be able to conceive and as well as away from illness. Since I gained weight, I noticed that I had been prone to sickness. I was able to experience hyper-acidity, urinary tract infection and abnormal bleeding as well. Right now, my  ultimate inspiration to reduce weight is my desire to wear that new dress. Good luck to me!  :-)



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