Skyrider at Eden Nature Park

It was my first time at Eden Nature Park.It is a nature park and at the same time a resort  located here in Davao City. Aside from the different room accommodation it provides, there where also a lot of recreational activities to choose from and one of them is Skyrider. It is a two-way zipline adventure. We climb up a several feet high platform and equipped with a safety gear we hang up in the zipline cable to be able to cross to the opposite side. . At first there is doubt  if it is safe and there is fear at the same time because it is very high and you would just cling on to the harness that is connected to the zipline cable.Amidst the doubts and fear, the experience is very rewarding.The feeling of hanging up in the zipline cable which is several feet above the ground is truly amazing.It is priceless and unexplainable that you must try it yourself.It should be oneof the adventure you must try.


Damiao said…
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