I Miss Her

It is almost a year since I received a text message that my bestfriend passed away. Few days ago I dreamed of her and it was a pleasant dream which reminded me of this day. Today is her death anniversary.Lately, I encountered some things that has a connection with her. When I went to the market, I met her mom and when I rode back to Davao, my seatmate in the bus is one of our close friends.All these reminded me of her. Although I already accepted the fact that she is not with us anymore, I still couldn't disregard the pain and the sorrow of losing her. She died of lupus in the organ, a very rare disease. A disease which I believe is without cure and letting her go is easy than to see her suffering but I still miss her terribly. I miss her on the day of my wedding, she could have been my maid of honor. I miss her when I have no one to talk to with my problems, she had been a good listener. Maybe the reason why she visited me in my dreams is that she wants me to know that she still care for me. I miss you Mons and you will always be remembered.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is ok to miss those you loved and lost. When this happened to me, I buried myself under online paper writing service reviews (I am a writer) just to have no space for thoughts. I'm looking for the day I will be able to let go.

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