Mountain Adventure

The first day of the year was a holiday. My husband got bored and invited his nieces and nephews to go swimming in the river near their farm lot. The kids went ahead of us accompanied by my brother in law. Along the way when we met an intersection,my husband took the different road instead of following the road going to their farm lot to be able to show to me the nice view out there. Riding a motorcycle, we track down the steep, rough and narrow road that lies ahead. We rode as far as it is still passable by motorcycle.We have reach Limpaki.  The highest peak in our place,Mt.Akir-akir, is the mountain next to it. It is a beautiful scenery wherein the rivers, roads, mountains and communities in our province including Ligwasan Marsh, Polloc, the national highway,Libungan, Pigcawayan and Cotabato is visible. It was such a great mountain adventure added up with the fun of riding a motorcycle with a scenic view that surrounds us.It was truly an adventure you must try.


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