Nights with Nephews

              My nephew and I had been so close. When we are together we are inseparable.He always  follows me around and sleeps with me.His name is Edrian. He is nine years old and already in grade three. On my husband's side, he is very close to his nephews and nieces. He is closest to his four-year old nephew named Ace who always sleeps with him. Now that we are married, the problem is the kids still want to sleep with us.
             When my husband and I returned to  Davao, my nephew,Edrian,cried because he is not permitted to sleep with us. I didn't expect that he will react that way because he is old enough for that reaction.My mother and brother got angry with him that I pitied him that is why I allowed him to sleep with us.On the other hand, when we go home to the province, Ace was already sleeping in our bed.Oh, these kids are one of a kind. I'll remember these nights with them so that when they got older I could bully them about these.



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