Carrying a Locker

             I am used to carrying a lot of stuff in my bag. I always bring with me my cell phones, wallet, booklets, and sometimes books and laptop. It looks like I am carrying a locker with me.
             During my schooldays, my bags would rip up because of a lot of things in it. Thank God in college, there are school lockers for rent, which lessen me from always carrying my books. When I was employed, our company doesn’t have employee lockers but instead we have drawers and cabinets which is not safe because there are incidences of theft. That is why I always bring my belongings with me that once again I’m back to my old ways, almost carrying a locker with me.
             Funny it seems but no matter how heavy my bag is I will still carry it with me. What matters to me is that every time I needed something it could be found in my bag. I may seem carrying a locker with me but at least I would always be ready for anything.


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