Google Adsense Letter

      Finally, the letter I have been waiting for finally arrived. I have waited one month from the time I receive the notification of Google Adsense that they will send the letter containing the PIN number. For the one month duration of waiting, there are already some doubts in my mind that maybe it is not true or what if the letter is lost. Holding this letter right now, erased all my doubts with Google. I now truly and surely believe that Google Adsense is for real. I will update you guys if I will finally receive my first income from Google Adsense.



Otay RG said...

goodluck reina

reina said...

thanks otay..

Unknown said...

Butuuh Like Kk :D

Tkp ebih asikk << ke sini senggol yya commennt labh mntap (y) kepp Bloogin and \m/

Tin's Corner said...

Congrats girl!

Tin's Corner said...

Congrats girl!

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