Zero Pagerank

      One year had already passed since I wrote my first post on my second blog Jeepney Ride. I was having a hard time on this blog on how to improve my pagerank. Until now, it still has a pagerank of zero. I was thinking to try out other means to improve it. I want to try web engine marketing or Posicionamiento Web to increase traffic which would mean more visits to the site. The only thing is that the idea that I would have to spend some dollars for this site causes some hesitations because I might not be able to earn it back. Sometimes I lost some ideas on what I should write about on this blog which is why until now I still haven't reach one hundred posts. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I have a low pagerank. It is also not a very interesting topic that I am not having a lot of viewers. For now, it already has more than twenty followers and more than a thousand as all time page views. Somehow, it is earning in Google adsense and in some other pay-per-link websites. My only frustration is that until now its pagerank is still zero. Hope in the coming months, it will have a pagerank to boost me up to keep on writing for this blog. 



drummer said...

hi..keep spirit my friend.

reina said...

thanks drummer for encouraging me...

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