Internet Scams

     Internet scams had been widely spread. If you would not be careful, you could be a victim of it. There are a lot of victims of it because of the big amount at stake. Some would ask for your personal info and passwords and they use it to earn money in the internet. There are also scams wherein they will give you some tasks to do in the internet but when it is paying time, they will not comply. Some well-known sites are being used also in scams like scam. As internet users, we should be cautious in opening websites that are new to us. Most especially, we should not response to sites that requires some amount of money to be paid without clear basis on what you are paying. We should be very careful and should not be tempted on big amounts that is very offered as income when we are not sure how to earn that money and on what way will it be given to us. Before you undergo some business venture in the internet, make sure that you have research about it and verified in some websites that it is legit and not scam. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe that sorry.


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