Acquiring Properties

      Acquiring land properties is a good investment. It is the kind of investment that as time goes by increases its value. My brother-in-law had been acquiring land properties lately. He had been able to achieve it through personal loans. He applies personal loans on lending companies and had his motorcycle as collateral. It maybe one to two years installment loans but his loans would range from P50,000 pesos and above. If he would not have a lump sum about of money he could not be able to purchase land especially if their are immediate land properties for sale at a lower amount. It is his way of taking chances to be able to acquire properties even though his wife and him are not employed. They rely heavily on the daily income of their business. Having big amount of money from loans, they invest it right away to land properties. He will pay up the loans daily but he already have investments that he could gave to his children. He had been able to purchased land properties in Calinan and some land properties in our town. It is a very nice strategy in investing because the money they put in would not be wasted. As time goes by, these properties would be value at a higher amount that they could be able to sell if they need cash. 



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