Feeling at Home

       The week is almost over. It would be my first week at my new job. So far, I like my current job and I like the ambiance on it. My workplace is settle in a private subdivision and the building is a private house. I told my senior that I was hesitant at first to enter because it is a house and not a corporate building. She told me that the owners were tricked because they are new to the place and they didn't knew that the property they bought is a house and not a corporate building. Eventhough it is a house, my senior likes it and I like it too because eventhough you are working you will still feel being at home. It was a big house with big rooms wherein our computers with big LCD monitors are situated. It is still like a corporate set up with office chairs and furniture complete with  asset tags and are situated in rooms or in the living or dining area. The outside appearance is a living house but once you get inside a working environment awaits you. My senior told me that in the coming months, the company might transfer to a new place within the city in a corporate building. Hope the new building will still give me a feeling of being at home.



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