Great Little Worshipers

       I am a newly converted Christian. It has only been months from the time I was baptized up to now. It is my personal decision and I am happy with it. I had been able to know more about Jesus and had a closer relationship with Him. God showed me everyday His greatness and words would not be enough to express my gratitude to Him. As a newly converted Christian, somehow I am challenged by my husband's nieces and nephews who had been great worshipers at an early age. They worship the Lord without inhibitions. They cry out and say Jesus in their worship. In one of the crusades we attended wherein mostly of the visitors are unbelievers, they never hesitated or be ashamed in showing how they worship the Lord. These great little worshipers had been an inspiration to me.



kimmy said...

nice post.. very touching. left you a KI$$ and i'm following you now, hope you do the same, thanks!

reina said...

thanks for the comment. I will follow you..

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