.10$ - 5$ Daily PPC Income

     PPC (pay-per-click) has been widely known with netizens especially those who wants to earn online. Months ago I had been accepted by Google AdSense in which ads are posts in my sites who pays out base on per click on the ads by the visitors of my sites. So far the ads in my sites are doing good but my income haven’t reach the minimum threshold of $100 which is why I still couldn’t claim it.
     Aside from Google AdSense, a week ago I had been able to register on a pay-per-click website also. It is Ad-for.net wherein it has a registration fee of $35 or P1750 in peso. Thankfully in one week time I had been able to earn up my capital through the different rewards they gave because of the invites, the downlines and the support of my upline. Though I already earned up my capital, we are still halfway in earning up my husband’s capital. Ad-for.net is a combination of networking and PPC. In every invites, there is a finder’s reward of $4 and when they paired up as your downline you will get additional $8 as commitment level reward. Aside from these, there is the starting .10$ as pay-per-click per day on the website which will level up to $1 after you reach 11 pairs under you and you would also have $3-5 daily if you had been able to complete the 11 pairs in 7,15, or thirty days. The lesser days you complete the eleven pairs the higher the rate of the PPC as the fast start promo of the company. For more info on ad-for, you may send me a message.
     PPC had really been a great source of income especially to those who stay at home. It is widely known that there is also Middle East PPC aside from US websites. So for those, who wants to earn online why not try PPC.


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