Swimming Lesson

      I was not a swimmer and it is my lifetime goal to be able to know how to swim. I love beaches but I cannot fully enjoy it because of my incapability to swim. Everytime I  swim on swimming pools or beaches, I never go to deeper portion because I am afraid to be drown or I am afraid of big waves.  Eventhough I am not a swimmer I already been to a lot of beaches but I would never jump out in the water without a life jacket. The last time that I had been to an island hopping, I cling on to my lifesaver but I was not able to explore the coral reefs because of my fear. That is why I must learn to swim.
     Thank God there is a swimming pool at the neighborhood of our office. It is a restaurant with a swimming pool. I was not aware of it at first but some pool supplies where delivered at their house that I come to realized that at that closed compound there is a swimming pool inside. It is very near our office and the swimming fee is very affordable. Hope in the coming days I could be able to have swimming lessons in it. 


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