Bingo! The shout I would love to do in the Bingo game I played this afternoon. Sad to say I wasn't be able  to do so because I did not able to form the pattern. I was just buying the food supplements my husband was taking in Personal Collection where I was a member, when the staff gave me two bingo cards. I asked for the time when it will be played and luckily I was on time. It is my first time to play Bingo game with some prizes at stake. First prize was rice cooker, second is flat iron, third and fourth are groceries. I enjoyed the game and there was a time when only one is left and I could be able to form the pattern but someone had been able to form it first. Even though I was not able to bring the prizes, I am happy to be able to participate and enjoyed the game. 



jocy said...

When you're going through hell, keep going.supporting back.

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