Stressful Day

I wake up so late this morning that I have to move faster with my morning rituals but I still ended up late to work.It was a big day today at work. Today was the scheduled day for fund preparation. From time to time I had to contact people concerned. Every minute matters and one wrong decision would create a big loss.

Many phone-calls had been made. Glances at the computer was done from time to time. All possible questions was asked just to confirmed ones decision. Fast thinking was made. With all these, I wished at one point that all these would stop and gave me a minute of silence. But I have no choice, I must continue or else it would be a disaster.

No matter how stressful it was, I made through it and like any other day it must end.But unlike any other day, I was exhausted, tired and was having a headache with this day.What a stressful day it was.


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