When I was on my way to work, I rode with the same vehicle with my former instructor. Even with my refusal, he insisted to treat me with the fare. He asked me if we have the same destination. Without even grasping what is his question, I automatically said yes only to realize that my destination is farther than him. If I will tell the truth he will infuse money to compensate my whole fare up to my supposed destination, which I don't want him to do. So considering all things, I drop by on his destination and rode again to where I am supposed to be bound for. I made two rides today instead of my usual one ride in going to work. Anyways, always thank God for all the blessings and be happy that there are still generous persons in the world. Just never mind the lapses.


LivingShed said…
hi reina..indeed there are still generous person in this world..

anyway..already added ur links..thanks to you as well. :D

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