Is he the one?

When you are in a relationship for a long time, you would come to a point when you ask yourself if he/she is the right man/woman destined for you. I am in this relationship for six and a half years already. Being in this relationship for that long is not that easy to achieve. We have also been tested by time may it be by our changeable emotions towards each other, opposing siblings, strict parents, or even others' curiosity trigger to end the relationship. Maybe because of our strong perseverance and commitment to continue the relationship, we made this far. With this, can I now assure myself that he is really the right man destined for me.Is it safe to say that he is the one.

If long term relationship is the basis for one's security to his/her partner, why is it that some undergo a ten-year or more relationship and ended up brokenhearted. Others only take days or months and decided to go into marriage. Well no one really knows why. No calculation or formula can explain this phenomenon.It would still be a big mystery.

So far, I am contended and happy with what kind of relationship I am into. So I will stick to it and do my best not to ruin this. I will cherish whatever this relationship may gave me, may it be in sadness or happiness. After all no one knows what our destiny will unfold. So for now, it would still remain a question as to if he is the one really destined for me.



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