Memoirs of my Bestfriend

In a lifetime a person would be lucky enough to have a best friend that will stick up until the end.I met my best friend on the first day that I set foot on a school without knowing that we will be friends for life. She and I are classmates since nursery up to high school. We became best of friends on our fourth grade in elementary. Since then, we are inseparable. We are seatmates,teammates, classmates, and even running mates during school's election. When we attend camping or competition that is held outside the school, we are bed partners. Even when we go home after school, we walk hand in hand.

In high school, we share our secrets with each other about our crushes, latest buzz with our classmates and what our likes and dislikes.It was in college that we get separated,I took up BS Accountancy and she took up BS Nursing. We studied in different schools but if we have some time we communicated with each other.We have both graduated with the degree we have chosen. It was then that the sad news arrived. She was diagnosed with a very rare disease- lupus in the organ.

When I visited her she told me that within the city, there is no specialist in the blood that could treat her. The first effect of the disease would be kidney malfunction then the rest of the organ will follow.I am really upset that she had this rare disease but I am very hopeful that God will do miracles for her.As testified by her sister there are times when God really showed them miracles because even when her body cannot bear it anymore she fought through it.But then, no matter how much her family, friends and I wanted for her to stay longer, the time is up. My best friend passed away last January 29, 2010. After I knew these I cried and cried until I could sleep with tears still in my eyes. God's knows how much I really wanted for her to stay and how much I loved her. Although she is already in God's hand, in my heart she will forever live as my best friend.



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