Body Imprints

Scar is the aftermath of wounds. It is a wound that fully healed but left as a mark. Each scar has its own story. It is an imprint of ones’ memories.

When I was young, I don’t care if I get wounded, injured, or have some scratches. All I care about is playing. My mother often scolded me if I get wounded. She would tell me that each wound would result to a scar and it is not pleasing to look at especially if you are a girl. Despite of this, I still don't care. I keep on playing without taking good care of my body.I got a lot of wounds out of biking, playing hide and seek and other games.

When I got older, I realize my mother was right. Scar lessen my self-confidence and it is a hindrance in wearing some type of clothes.But it would be a constant reminder to me that I am once a hard-headed child who would not listen to her mother. It would also remind me of my joyful,wonderful and adventurous childhood years. Also, it would be a constant reminder that mother knows best whats good for their children.

But the important lesson to be learn is that each of us must give utmost importance in taking good care of our body. We only have one body to look after to so why not pamper it with greatest care we can provide.



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