Customer's Safety

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of any type of businesses but customer's safety should never be neglected.

Last night, I stopped by in a hardware shop. I was looking for a fish food for the flower horn fish of my brother. Near the stool where pet food where displayed there were hardware staff repairing something. Since there was no signage or caution not to enter, I continue choosing for the fish food displayed. After the staff where finished with what they are doing, they left. Seconds after they left, the fluorescent lamp above my head exploded and shattered glass were falling. When that happened I was so engrossed in choosing the right food for the fish that my instant reaction to it was a bit surprised and never mind it. One of the staff asked me, “Seriously Maam, are you hurt?”. I inspected myself for anything that might be aching. Since I couldn’t feel anything that hurts, I replied “no”. To think of it, if the worst thing happened, the shattered glass might fall on my face or any parts of my body that might hurt me or worst would be a cause of instant death. Lucky for me I was out of harms way.

If anything happened to a customer under an establishment due to low building maintenance or lack of precaution on dangerous areas, it would be negligence on the management’s part. Anywhere in the Philippines there are a lot of establishments which are not cautious on customer’s safety. Hopefully this matter would be addressed to by our lawmakers. Customer’s safety should be given priority.



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