Man in my Dreams

I dreamed again of him last night. He often visits me in my dreams. He was a past acquaintance whom I don't have any intimate connections to. Last night, in my dreams we shake hands because after several years we bump into each other. The following day, the lady rumored to have a relationship with him was my co-passenger in the jeepney. It has been like this for years already and it is still a big mystery for me. From time to time I would dreamed of him. It is like an uninvited visit in my dreams. It is so annoying because it always reminds me of him.Sometimes it gave me some doubts with the relationship I am into. Ideas come into my mind that maybe he is the man destined for me but how could that be because for several years already I don't have any communications with him or even seen him. In the first place, I am very much contented and happy with the relationship I am into. I would very much appreciate it if he would stop visiting me in my dreams.Still, it would remain as a mystery as to what are the messages the man in my dreams wants to convey to me.



shengy said...

oh seems he's dreaming of you as well.. :)

glad to hear your contentment...that is really important

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