Welcome into the Christian World Baby Edrich

Christening or baptism is a religious ritual commonly done to welcome an individual into the Christian world. For Catholics it is the first sacrament to be received and usually done when they are still babies. For other religious sectors, baptism or christening is done when they reach the age of reason or the age when they can fully understand what they are into.

As Catholics, my family and I recently welcomed into the Christian world my sister’s baby, my niece Edrich Joy. She was five months old. Even at her young age, she never threw out her tantrums during the ceremony and never cried especially when the holy water was poured into her head. Aside from her parents’ friends, her uncles and aunties are her godparents at the same time. I was one of them. I hope I could be a responsible auntie and godparent to my niece. I hope and pray that my niece would grow up to be a good Christian. Welcome into the Christian World Baby Edrich.



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