Samal Adventure – Florenda

My brother recently comes home after nine months of working at the sea in a cargo ship. He treats us into a beach getaway. Our former plan is to be at the Kaputian Beach. But when we pass by into one of our family friends, he led us into the Florenda beach resort. It is the beach resort next to Punta del sol at the town of Penaplata. It is a newly open resort fitted for relaxation, swimming or an overnight stay with their available fully-furnished guest houses. With the location of the resort, you would have a nearer view of Davao City and the MT. Apo from the Samal Island. The swimming area is also a natural scenery wherein you will get to see starfish, sea urchins, corals and small fishes. Since, it is a newly open beach resort it is not yet crowded with guests. In fact, at the time we visit it, my family is their sole customer. It is like having the resort exclusive for us. I had a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable Samal Adventure at Florenda.



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