After "Six Days From Now"

              Two years ago I wrote "Six Days From Now", which talks about the things I want to achieve after I quit my job in a BPO company. Well, here I am again after quitting my job in a government agency. The past two years had been a whirlwind experience and this is what happened after I wrote Six Days from Now.
           On the night of my last day at work, I was offered an online job. Since it is homebased and accounting related, I accepted it immediately. We transferred at my husband's cousin place since our internet is not that stable. Things run smoothly for a week, when my former co-worker informed me that a government agency is looking for an accountant. I submitted my application papers for I thought that applying for a government position takes years. I was wrong, I was hired immediately and reported on duty the next day. My appointment papers was given to me after seven months. Things run smoothly. Also, a good internet connection was offered in our subdivision that we transfer back to our own house. Time pass by that almost all my time was given to my work in the government agency. We are undermanned and do multitasking. I often travel, work on weekends and do overtimes. That is not what I expected it to be. I came to a realization that I am not getting younger anymore and that I should way up things as to what matters to me most. I am now on my thirties, childless and so work driven. I do not see myself doing the same thing for the next ten years. So I gave up my job in the government and now I am back online.
             Looking at what happened these past two years  made me feel blessed and grateful. I was blessed with the job I aspire before. Experienced the things I never expected to be part of and the Lord really never fails to amazed me. Of the things I listed before, only one thing was achieved and that is - to finish my thesis. So the rest of it is still part of the list. I hope to achieve those things in the coming days. :)


Anonymous said…
I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming!
noi that o to dep
phu kien do choi xe hoi
noi that o to ha noi
Thank you for updating! Hope to hear more posts from you.
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