Keep on Writing

     "Keep on writing" that is what on my mind right now. I would keep on writing to finish the opportunities given to me. Opportunities on writing pay per post does not  come everyday. This writing jobs online is not a constant job that will give me daily work. That is why I set my mind that in every opportunities, I will keep on writing. I just recently received my payment from Google Adsense. It inspires me to write and earn at the same time. The recent payment I received helped me a lot in paying some bills. The only hesitations I have is that I do not have available ID anymore that I must present in claiming my payment. Well, if that another payment will arrived I will surely look for another way to claim it. 
      I started writing online specifically blogging as a hobby and it is also one way of improving my skill in writing. Later on I continue writing and learn to love it. It was not easy for I am not used to writing but I tried to write just to keep my blog updated. The posts I put into my blog were more about my everyday life that the ideas just keep on flowing when I write. Sometimes my blog is also an outlet for me to let go of my worries, heartaches, rage and problems in life. It is somehow a therapy and a stress reliever. As of now, I have four blogs and keep on updating it. There is also times when I lay back on blogging out of lack of time, busy on other things or just for a simple reason that I do not want to write sometimes. One thing is for sure that when there is an offer to write for a pay I would not let it pass without complying it. It is not much but it is still an earning that can cover up some bills. So no matter what from time to time I will keep on writing.



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