Lost Wedding Rings

     It is sad but its true. I already exhausted all means to find it. I already asks the tricycle driver if it was left in his tricycle. I search already my room and some parts of the house just for the hope of finding my wedding rings. It was on my coin purse. I do not know why for so long I kept it on my coin purse. It was mine and my husband's wedding rings. Some superstitious belief tells that if a wedding ring lost or break, the couple would also be separated. Just to at ease myself and do my homework of searching the internet if the superstitious belief is true, I was able to get positive answers. One of them is that a couple lost a wedding ring on the day of the wedding but they are still together for 36 years now. That is a relief  but I still want to cry for the lost wedding rings and some money bills on my coin purse. My husband do not want to scold me because I will scold him back. (:,) So here is the story of how I lost my coin purse together with the wedding rings.
     One typical night, I rode a jeepney and from that time I was certain that I have my coin purse with me. After the jeepney, I rode a tricycle. Since it was already late at night, I contracted the tricycle driver that I will pay for all the vacant seats so that I would not wait anymore for the tricycle to be full of passengers. So from that time I am sure that my coin purse is with me since I get the payment for the tricycle from the coin purse. The only thing that is not certain is that if I was able to return back to my bag the coin purse. The following day when I was already out of the house, I found out that my coin purse is missing but I was sure during that time that I left it at the house. When I came home after being stranded in the flood that I was able to confirmed that my coin purse is already missing together with the wedding rings in it. I do not want to blame myself anymore for losing it cause it would be like crying in a spilled milk. It is my prayer that superstitious belief about losing wedding rings were not true and that me and my husband's marriage with the love and companionship on it would last forever despite the lost wedding rings.


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