Working With Foreigners

      Our boss from Belgium arrived two days ago and another two bosses from London arrived yesterday. On Monday our clients from London will arrived to give us some training and would do some observation so that they could suggest on how to speed up our work. It is my first time to work with foreigners and working up with them would entail using a lot of English language in speaking up with them. It would also hard to understand some of their words because of the accent they are using.
    I am glad that our Belgian boss is very accommodating and approachable. He gave us some introduction about the international company we are working on. He told us that right now the company has 42 branches in 26 countries and promising opportunities awaits us. He also told us that our clients appreciates the quality of our outputs that they would gave us more batches starting next year. He likes Davao so much that he wants to expand the branch here from less than twenty to about one hundred next year. It is nice to hear news like that. Of all the things he said, he emphasized one important thing. He told us that we should be true to ourselves. If we don't know we should not hesitate to ask. If it is a "yes", it is should really be a "Yes" that we could do it, that we could deliver the output well. 
       In his experiences in another Asian branch, he observed that Asian people would usually say "Yes" to impress them but would have a lot of reasons on the time of delivering the output. Whereas, for them, the European people, when you say "Yes" you are committing yourself that you could do it. That is why he advised us that since our European clients would work with us on Monday, we should never hesitate to ask questions and be ashamed to told them if ever they make mistakes. Likewise, they would never hesitate to tell us our mistakes. Well, it is good to know what to expect from them. Hope everything would be fine in the week stay of our foreigner clients who will work with us. 


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