Training Sessions

     Our foreigner clients had been with us for almost a week now. We are quite busy in entertaining them and in doing our daily tasks. Aside from that there are also a lot of training sessions that we had for this week. Almost everyday, we are having WEBEX training sessions. Though we have the two clients with us, the one who trains us is from London. He trains us through the Internet with WEBEX wherein we would just look on our desktop on what he is talking about and we just had loudspeakers to hear him out clearly. It is amazing how Internet could do these things. Though our trainer is not physically present, the training sessions went out well. It is like watching and listening to someone in a typical training. It was a nice experience for me. Imagine we are viewing someone’s desktop in London and we are from Philippines. That is hundred of kilometers apart, maybe three plane rides and seven hours time difference. It is amazing how things were connected right now. We are just very thankful that though they are far away, we are still privileged to have trainings. 


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