Sexy Body

     It has been months since I keep on tracking my weight. Since then there is no development in achieving my goal. There are still no changes that happened. I am very hopeful that my weight will decrease but it looks like it is increasing or it looks like it get stuck on a stable number. I do not want to be at this state and I think I do not have strong motivation in order achieve this goal. I have a lot of plans but it is not followed because of some health issues or some other activities. Now I admit losing weight is really challenging and not easy. If things did not work out for me in achieving my goal to lose weight, for some it did work out.
     My officemate seems to do things that work out for him in his endeavor to lose weight. He has the motivation to stay focus and do everything to lose weight. He is losing weight and continues losing. He has a strict routine in going to the gym every morning and keeping track of his diet. He is also building up more muscles even if at this point he is not yet taking up Kreatin pulver, how much more if he is doing so. It is part of his daily routine to visit the gym before going to the office and refrain himself from eating rice or other foods rich in carbohydrates. He does weightlifting and some cardio exercise. In one week span of time he loss four pounds and seems to lose per minute. That is so great. I envy his determination and his achievement. More and more people are recognizing his slimming stomach and his sexier body. Now I really believe that having sexy body comes with hardwork and perseverance to maintain it. 


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