As Promised

         Today is our 12th day as a married couple. Once again we are separated by distance, I work here in Davao while he works in our hometown in Cotabato. We have only been together for 3-4 days during Christmas holidays. During those times, I highly appreciated my husbands' actions. He cooks and wash our dishes. He sweeps our house and paid someone to do the laundry for us. He never leaves me alone in the house.Funny it seems but there is also a time when he volunteered to shave my legs and combed my hair wherein I hesitated but still let him do it. I always joked him that I will savor the moment because it might not be the same next year but he will reply with a question that did he ever change? Well, this is married life and as promised by my husband, he takes care of me.



shengy said... sweet..kakainggit naman kayo...i'm happy for your rein :)

Alexis Preatori said...

Oh that's so sweet. Congratulations on your marriage. May your love last forever.

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