I am Healed!

     After three days at the hospital, I am now back at our house. It has been almost ten years since the last time I was hospitalized. I didn't expect that I would be hospitalized because I thought it was just a plain flu but I was wrong. It started last Sunday as a headache and I was okay the next day. I was still able to report in the office on the afternoon but latter that night I got a high fever that I was on sick leave on the next day. Since there is no one that could accompany me while I am sick, I went home to the province with my husband. I felt better during the travel. Since Wednesday had been a holiday, I was able to visit the camp ground of our church. The camp ground was located on a higher ground and it was so cold in there so my husband and I decided to go home. Later that night back in our house, I had again a high fever and thankfully it subsided but it made me decide to schedule a check up with a doctor by morning. Our guess is either UTI or dengue. I prayed that the results would be okay. The doctor said it was UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but it was acute already to the point that the infection already spread in the blood. I was advice to be admitted in the hospital to be treated. Injectable medications were given which resulted to faster recovery rather than oral medication. So there it goes after three days I am healed. Thank you Lord Jesus, thanks to my doctor, Dr. Superioridad, to the accommodating and kind staff and nurses of Anecito Pesante Sr. Memorial Hospital and most especially to my husband who stayed for the first time in the hospital just to accompany me.


nomad said…
glad you're ok rein
Anonymous said…
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