Happy Birthday BFF!!!

       This is my bestfriend Monessa. It is almost one year and a half since she past away and today is her birthday. Since she is not with us anymore, all I could do is post a greeting on her facebook photo on one of my friends account. She had been my (BFF) bestfriend forever that I really missed right now. We've been bestfriends in grade school and we had been classmates, seatmates, teammates and groupmates since we were in the nursery. I really had a lot of good memories with her. I could still remember when we were kids, we would play in the rain, when we are in campings, we would sleep hugging each other and sometimes teased each other. These are the things I surely missed to do with my BFF. It is only now that I realized how hard it is to look for a one true friend who would always be there for you through ups and downs. Before when I kept on looking for a friend I was able to meet my husband. Still, no one can replace Mone in my heart. Happy Birthday Mons and I really really miss you.


KM said…
gone too soon :( sorry to hear your loss.
Michael said…
Like MJ's song, 'gone too soon.' Such are the pains of life so while we still can, let's do nothing but good in this world. Take care reina!

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