Job Interview with a Government Agency

       I just arrived from a two-day stay at my hometown. I received a phone call from a government agency for a scheduled job interview. Though I just had my first month stay on my new job, I never hesitated to ask for two days leave. I never missed the opportunity to be a able to have a job interview for a vacant position in a government agency. Though the processing time in applying for a position in the government may take several months or years, I will patiently wait for it. From the day I passed my resume, one month had gone by before they called for an examination. Four months had passed until the time they called for an interview. It was a panel interview and the questions are based on real situations wherein it is very hard to answer and  depend your stand in that situations. Hope I was doing fine in my job interview and I don't know if how many months should I have to wait to be able to know if I was hired or not. No matter what, I will grab  any  opportunities for a vacant position in any government agencies. For me having a job in a government agency is more secured compared to being employed in a private company. For now, lucky for me, I have a good job while waiting for any vacant position in the government. Wish me luck guys in the results of my job interview with a government agency.


nomad said…
good luck rein:)
KM said…
all the best and God bless, ms. reina :)
shengy said…
good luck reina girl

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