Good News

     I was glad to hear from my husband this morning that the crusade in my hometown was a success. Seventy people were baptized in the name of Jesus. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come in the crusade and haven't witnessed the whole event. I was here in the city working and had already incurred two absences few weeks ago that I could not be able to have another absences. When I was not yet employed, I had been to crusades and been able to witnessed different people touched by the presence of the Lord.. Only this time that the crusade was held in my hometown and the VOT (Voice of Triump) was there to support the event. VOT or Voice of Triump was a singing group who organize crusades in the different parts of the Philippines. They are individuals who have strong passion to spread the good news and for the salvation of souls. Though I was not been able to witness the event, I am happy to know that there had been a lot of people that was baptized in my hometown. More power VOT and Thank you Jesus!!!. 



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