Goodbye Wisdom Tooth

       I have no choice, I had to let it go. I take care of my teeth but our genes really have weak teeth that no matter how much care I put in it, it will still have decays. It was only last year when I had it to be check by the dentist. The dentist cleaned it and put tooth filling or "pasta". Last week the pasta was removed on its own and that was the time when I discovered that my tooth is fully damage. It cannot be save anymore.  I don't know if it was not fully cleaned before the other dentist put the tooth filling that is why it was attacked by tooth decay or it is really too weak. Since, it is already fully damaged, it has to be put out by the dentist. I don't want to have missing tooth but I have to put it out or I will suffer the toothache. Goodbye wisdom tooth and thank you for the happy eating I had with you.


Mommy Liz said…
wisdom teeth has no use to us, here in the US, they remove it before they even come out. Lumiliit lang ang space ng mga teeth sa mouth mo. If it becomes a bother, wisdom tooth needs to be pulled out. Your dentist did the right thing to pull it out, now you feel much better.

thanks for always visiting my sites.
kim said…
uuggh! i can imagine how it felt like.. left you some love, girl!

by the way, do you mind checking out on What's With 'MY WAY'?
KM said…
i have anodontia, so i'm spared from any wisdom tooth pain.

hope you're feeling better now :)
reina said…
I am feeling better now. Thanks guys for your concern.
reina said…
@KM.. I really search in the internet what is anodontia.. Now, I know.:) I just can't imagine that there is really this kind of dental disorder...

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