Time flies so quickly that you barely notice how fast things change.  Prices in commodities rise fast as well as other investments.  Land prices for example have been rising so rapidly that even a few days of can make a big difference.  My husband and I have been looking for a house and lot for a few months now.  It was only then that we realized how fast the prices have increased over the years. We really wanted to have our own house as an investment and a permanent residence for us and our future children.

We also wanted to own a house because every time we looked at furniture on websites like or some patio furniture in furniture shops, we didn't have a place where we could put it. Luckily a few months ago, we finally decided to purchase a house and lot on an instalment basis, but a few days of late decision incurred some changes. The one year instalment for equity became ten months of instalment payments which is a bigger amount compared to the one year instalment payment.  Well, that is how things work and if we do not decide immediately, the land prices will keep on increasing. Hope we are able to survive the instalment payments without penalties and acquire the house and lot we really wanted.


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