More Research

           Since I am on the process of writing my paper for my academic writing subject, I had been doing a lot of research  lately. I have chosen blogging as my topic. In line with this, I had been able to find some e-books regarding blogging. I really wanted to have a soft copy of it. Aside from doing it for my academic writing paper, I want to apply whatever I will learn from it in my blogging endeavors. While doing my reasearch I was able to encounter SEO and marketing firms like wpromote. I was also able to read more success stories in blogging. If there are success stories, there are also a lot of people who gave up blogging because it did not work out for them. I was also able to read journals regarding research of the definition of the word blog. According to this journal, there is no definite definition for it and it became a medium of communication. Blogging is not just a simple daily journal but it also been widely used in the academe, business, fashion and other social media. I was also been able to read journals regarding blogging and the fashion industry. It really has a big impact on the fashion industry. Well, so far that has been what I have researched. There are still a lot of research to be done in order for me to have an excellent output for my academic writing.   


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