Goodbye Dra.!

         A great person passed away. She is a doctor, a mother, a wife, and a model public servant. She had been my aunt by marriage being the wife of my mother-in-law's brother. Though she had already been suffering from diabetes, it is still a pity that she died not by natural death but by an accident. She was with her family and they were on their way to her scheduled dialysis when they met an accident. A glass wounded her head and a bump to her head caused an internal bleeding. The doctors decided not to do an operation to her head because it would be useless. She had been to the hospital for days until her blood pressure already subsided. She left behind her husband, her son and daughter. 
         I know our whole town will surely miss her being our rural health unit doctor for several years already. She prefer to serve our town rather than grab better opportunities abroad or being in private hospitals that pay higher. She has this strong dedication to serve our town because even though her diabetes slightly affected her eyesight, she continuously served as our RHU doctor.      
          On a personal note, I was touch by the concern she had shown towards me and my husband wherein she persuaded me to apply for a job in the municipal hall. She even suggested that she will accompany us to talk to people who could help me got that job. She had been so kind and helpful towards my husband's family through the years and now even up to me. 
           Thank you so much Auntie for everything. Goodbye Dra.! May your soul rest in peace. 


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