Adventure of a Lifetime

This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

        Given a chance for an adventure of a lifetime like the two teams, I would really grab that kind of challenge. Just imagine strolling L.A. with the 2012 Kia Rio 5-door and meet up your favorite star, what more could you ask for. It was a challenge which is like of a tour at the same time. The two teams went to five famous locations in L.A.. Their first stop was in Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round. They use cubes to answer L.A. trivia questions while riding in the Merry-Go-Round. To be able to get their clue for the next challenge, they put to reverse mode the shifter of the KIA Rio and Amoeba Records was automatically displayed on the screen. The team who will be able to find first the hidden CD of Christina Millan will win this second challenge. For me, this would be the most challenging because I think there are thousands of CDs out there and you would be looking for a single copy of a specific artist. Anyways, their next destination had been Rodeo Drive and they had been able to know it through the USB they inserted which prompted a voice instruction in the KIA Rio. In the Rodeo Drive, the team must be able to give the exact number of Palm Trees. After this challenge, each team called a phone number through the UVO technology features of the KIA Rio and through it the team was informed that their next destination is Pink's Hotdog. In Pink's Hotdog, each team must clear their plate to be able to get their next clue. The last and final part of the challenge is in Roosevelt Hotel. They must race to the Penthouse and look for Christina Milian. 

         If I would be in that challenge, Zip and Dash, I would bring my bestfriend who is also my husband and stroll Paris to look for my favorite star Angelina Jolie. I would really faint for joy if this would come true. It would be a once in a lifetime adventure. 

        Well it is not impossible just like the amazing features of Kia Rio. Who would have thought before that now a car could have a bluetooth system, usb jack, navigation, rear camera display and etc. It is added up by UVO Technology that has speech recognition program that could recognize your voice commands. With this system, it would allow the driver to answer and place calls, receive and send text messages and access the music library. Aside from audio responses, the 4.3 color screen will display the information needed like phonebook, media content and vehicle status. If the shifter is in the reverse mode, the screen will display what is happening behind the car with its rear-view camera. Who would have thought these things would be possible. With Kia Rio in your adventure of a lifetime, it would be more fun with its awesome features. For more details of Kia Rio you could visit their Rio Explorer Page

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