Me and My Big Mouth

There is this one person that I have known for quite some time already. Other people would tell me her lapses, attitude and frustrations with regards to her personality. With so many people telling me about this, I had a notion that it is a common knowledge among us who knows her what is her personality. Now, here comes me and my big mouth. I asked one person who knows her regarding why other people concluded that she has this unlikeable attitude. I don't know how things happened that it reached to her that I am the one telling stories about her. She emphasized to me that I am talking bad things about her behind her back and how could I say those things when according to her she is the opposite of it. At that point of time, I think for a while remembering all the things I have done.I replied to her message that I am not the one who tell stories to other people about her and that I am just a curious person who wondered why and tried to find answers to others. After some explanation and exchange of messages,I am grateful that she accepted my explanation and apologies for whatever wrong that I may have done and we settled the issue peacefully.

Now, dissecting further the issue, how did I involved myself in this situation when I am busy with my day to day activities and supposed to be don't have time for this? Did I make a mistake? What are the things that I should improved with myself in order not to repeat this scenario or end up in a much worst situation?

As I think about the situation, I could admit that I had been tactless sometimes but I could say that it is not my personality to say bad things about other people especially those whom I barely knew.My mistake also is that I accepted others judgments without first grasping the whole scenario or I tried to understand the whole situation but approach the wrong person. My ultimate mistake is that I entertain this nuisance when I should focused my time into more important things.

Well, a lot of lessons had been learned in this situation. It is all of part of growing up towards a more responsible and better person with all this experiences I must have as I go along with my life. All these because of me and my big mouth.


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