Hottest Celebrity Couple

Aside from being a fan of Brangelina, I am now a new fan of David-Victoria Beckham couple. While reading a magazine, I encountered an article about how the couple celebrated their 10th year anniversary. I was amazed that they made it that far.Among celebrities,it is already a common story how celebrity couples are breaking up. So being a celebrity and being in a 10-year marriage is already a big achievement.

David Beckham is a professional soccer player while Victoria Davis is the former Posh Spice Girl. The relationship started while Beckham is still gaining fame in his chosen sport and Victoria is at the height of his career being a member of the famous Spice Girls. Like any ordinary married couples they also have their ups and down in marriage but they showed to the public that they are willing to work out their marriage until the end. As of now the couple had three sons and hoping to have a baby girl.

The best part of the article that amazed me most about the couple is about this story. In one event attended by David Beckham wherein his 25m billboad ad will be open in the busiest street of London, a lot of girls where there and after taking pictures and signing autographs with the fans, he planted a kiss to one of the girls who where there. Guess what, it was Victoria Beckham who stayed low profile and waited for hours for his man to arrived. For me, it was the sweetest moment of the couple and it showed me how loving and a supportive wife Victoria had been to his husband. Hoping for more years of seeing you together. Good luck David and Victoria.



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